new productivity welcome Aug 28, 2020

So... finally here... finally got all of this to come together... finally have it ready to bring into the world.

I've heard people refer to entrepreneurship as similar to the birthing process. Ya'll... this has been the world's LONGEST pregnancy ever! It's literally been YEARS from first nudge to original concept to several different evolutions to where we are now. But, just like with any pregnancy, now that I've officially "given birth", the result is more than worth the wait, the ups and downs, the labor, and all the stress and chaos along the way. 

You see, as a long-time coach, I knew that productivity is rooted in emotion. Basically, what we feel on the inside is what determines how we perform on the outside. Those of us who work independently, whether we're an entrepreneur, some type of business professional, or a creator, we have BIG emotions driving us. Things like faith, belief in ourselves and our purpose, strength, and ironically, self-doubt, fear, and a bunch of other little negativities that leave us on a constant up and down roller coaster where one minute we're focused and productive and the next we're wondering why we even bother and if we'll ever truly be successful. 

A lot of that comes from our past experiences, our childhoods, the people we've heard tell us who they think we are and even the words we say to ourselves in the mirror. But there's also a big part of it that comes from doing this all alone. Feeling lost, stuck, and unsure.

So we join expensive coaching programs... programs we go into debt for, costing thousands of dollars to be part of a facebook group, some zoom calls, and the promise of some kind of retreat we desperately hope we can afford to attend. While there's nothing wrong with looking to others for training, education, and leadership, once the program is over, we find ourselves looking for another and another because all the training in the world can't fix the root issue of getting things done. That's a problem we have to fix for ourselves because it's how we feel inside.

The greatest thing about those expensive programs is the feeling of BELONGING. The feeling of being part of something- a movement, a fellowship... something bigger than you working all alone at home. The biggest problem about them is the programs end and are not sustainable financially.

I made it MY mission to fix this problem and create a solution for all of us that allowed us to be part of something that offered all the training and learning, but never ended, was affordable and sustainable, and made the user more productive and successful by bringing the emotional support that comes from being part of a fellowship. Where we could work together, learn together, and grow together- because together... We are LIMITLESS! 

I hope you love this "child" of mine as much as I do...

Welcome to The Limitless Collaborative! 


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