Join Us Live for a Massive 60 Speaker Virtual Summit and Expo

Zoom is out. Virtual education and training has just made a huge technological leap and entrepreneurs are reaping the benefits. Now, not only can they learn in a non-zoom virtual environment, they can teach, lead, and even work side-by-side, bringing a sense of community, connection, and fun into the work-from-home experience. 

"Limitless" is a virtual replica of a real life conference and trade expo. It's your chance to experience this new virtual community for yourself and enjoy access to expert speakers, coaches, trainers, and service providers who will be leading the way in how to work and grow in a virtual world. 


The Limitless Experience

Conference Halls

The perfect space for holding workshops and interactive events, our conference halls allow for working together as a group at each table.


Circle discussions, small lectures, and groups do very well engaging in our classrooms, where furniture can be configured to sit individually or in pairs.


Have a seat in our auditorium for large events, keynotes, and featured speakers. With the stage zoom feature, every seat becomes the best seat in the house.

Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

Bring together others for a small group get-together, discussion, and camaraderie under the trees.

A True Expo Hall

Just like at real life conferences, we also have an expo hall, we call ours The Show Room, where you can browse vendor offerings.

An Entire Community to Explore

Imagine walking around a college campus but it's all entrepreneurs, independent business professionals, and creators and everyone's working together, collaborating, and connecting.

Call for Exhibitors

If you have a product or service you'd like represented in The Show Room expo hall, booths are available for rent throughout the Limitless event. There are 3 different booth sizes available. Booths should be manned throughout the event, each allows for closed conversation within the booth space, and purchases may be made directly via website in the booth. 

Learn More About Booth Options

Summit Agenda

Here's what you can expect at Limitless 2020...

  • Expert Speakers and Leaders
  • Workshops
  • Training Classes
  • Expert-Led Round Table Discussions
  • A Scavenger Hunt
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Social Experiences
  • An Expo Hall Full of Vendors

Our Speakers & Experts

Monday, December 7th

Rachael O'Meara

Push Pause: 3 Keys to Turn Overwhelm into Expanding Your Capacity as an Entrepreneur

Erin Newman

Remove Your Subconscious Blocks to Income & Clients

Christina Sjahli

5 Pillars of Business Financial Success, Growth and Resilience

Marcus Cauchi

Success in The Future Will Be Defined by Our Ability to Collaborate

Ivy Cowgill

Earning What You're Worth

Sarah Gray

How to Craft a 5-Figure Webinar

Jessica Karels

Reboot Your Brain with the Tarot

Michelle Lewis

The Basics to Building a High-Converting Funnel

Elyse Falzone

Spirituality in Business: Tapping Into Your Intuition & Why It's Crucial

Erin Halper

3 Steps to a Massive Client Pipeline

Donna Piper

The Hidden Ways Trauma (even if you don't know you have it) Holds You Back From Growing Your Business

Dr. Kryzia Olsen

Overcoming the Stress Response: How Stress Negatively Impacts Your Energy, Focus, Libido and More

Cynthia Flynn

I Wouldn't Do That: Best Approaches & Practices in Employee Discipline and Termination

Julia Nguyen

Self Care & Confidence for Entrepreneurs- Because Burnout is Real

Arianna Zabriskie

Dear Coaches, From a Therapist

Naomi Estment

How to Shine on Camera and Become the Star of Your Brand

Tuesday, December 8th

Disha Mehta

Bollywood Dance: A Hands-On Dance Workshop Teaching You Signature Bollywood Steps

Petra Laranjo

Creating an Impactful Personal Brand, Inside and Out

Karen Bryant

Connection is the New Black: How Community is the Answer to 2020

Susan G. Groner

Parenting with Sanity & Joy During Covid and Beyond

Erin Gleason Alvarez

Mindfulness and Negotiation

Kasia Smith

Simple Mindful Exercises to Reduce Holiday Stress

Nicole Marino

Reclaiming & Reviving YOU with Ease, Stability and Uplifted Vibrations Where More is Possible

Mary Lombardo

How to Pivot Your Sales Strategy to Sell in the New Economy

Adriana Keefe

5 Ways to Get Unstuck When You're Stuck Home with the Kids

Jan Zucker

Harnessing the Power of E-Learning to Grow Your Business

Delight Howley

6 Common Facebook Ads Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

Genevieve Piturro

How to Slide Your Purpose into Your Life in 2021

Olenka Cullinan

Fail Your Way to Success

Hayleigh Bailey

How to Hire the Perfect Virtual Assistant for Your Coaching Business

Jennifer Trask

8-Steps to Build Your Strategic Marketing Plan

Dawn-Renee Rice

Round Table Host on Conscious Connected Parenting

Wednesday, December 9th

Glenn Younger

Activating Your Inner Alchemist: Human Awareness of How Divine Light Flows & Manifests in Concrete Ways in Your World

Nyeesha Williams

The Power of Forgiveness



Angela Kristen Taylor

The New Way to Entrepreneur: How Virtual Reality Catapults Your Business Growth & Success

Jaycie Cormac-Neyland

Creative Clarity: From Overwhelming Idea Confusion to Laser-Focused Strategy

Megan Tull

How to Own Your Value, So You Can Earn Your Worth

Jane Bishop

Uplevel Your Connection Factor

Sunny Bonnell & Ashleigh Hansberger

The Rare Breed

Marissa Loewen

Creating a Plan for Profit- How Falling in Love with Your Numbers Builds Ease and Resiliency in Your Business

Genie Dawkins

Letting Go to Grow: Growing Your Business While Nurturing Yourself

Mariela Lopez

The Importance of Having a Website with Strong Messaging

Cara Zelas

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JD Wildflower

Elevate Your Celebrity-Expert-Authority Status as a Coach, Author or Consultant

Aaron J. Fulton Jr.

Rewriting Your Life's Story

Renee Cherry

Sustainable Bodies: Have a Body? Let's Get Moving!

Kelly Travis

How to Pursue Your Goals (And Keep it Together) During Times of Uncertainty

Thursday, December 10th

Kimberley Taylor

Better Thoughts, More Money: How to Use Your Thoughts to Increase Your Income During Times of Uncertainty

Kelli Anderson

How to Find Your Purpose and Take the Steps to Pursue It

Rob Turley

AI: The Sales Industry's Final Frontier

Zeina Muna

How to Use IFundWomen to Launch and Scale Your Business

Tiffany Neuman

How to Cultivate a Conscious Brand

Aiman Kabli

The Flourishing Entrepreneurial Lifestyle- A Formula for Success, Prosperity and Self-Fulfillment

Annemarie Cross

Profitable Podcasting for Service-Based Businesses

Pam Moskowitz

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Sheryl Plouffe

Cash In On Camera- Increase Your Authority & Income with Video

Dr. Leslie A. Saulsberry

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Janneh Wright

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Nicole Seawell

Change Your Relationship with TIME for Higher Productivity, Lower Stress and More Joy

Katie Irving

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Angela Engel

Demystifying the Publishing Industry

Damon D'Amore

Storytelling in Crisis: Controlling Your Narrative and Driving Engagement

Alina Nikishina

Round Table Host for Business Finance Basics & Financial Questions







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