The Wine Shop

A happy, healthy life is all about balance….and in our book, that means savoring a glass (or two) of wine from time to time. But if you're going to drink wine, you don't want to wake up the next day with a headache and toxins running rampant through your system. That's not going to help you create the life and business you want. We offer only clean-crafted, pesticide and chemical-free wines through our partnership with Scout & Cellar. 

I want my wine to be toxin-free!

The Superfood Shop

What you eat and drink affects your energy levels and mood in a BIG way—and your energy levels and mood affect your business in a BIG way. These superfood mixes are great for detoxing, weight loss, building your immunity, and for everyday energy (you may even be able to ditch your morning cup of Joe). These are the same mixes TLC founder Angela Kristen Taylor uses daily. The best thing about them is they are sweetener-free, so you can use them in any recipe, your oatmeal, your water bottle, and of course, your good ol' smoothie.

Bring on a better mood and energy levels! 

The Cloud Office Shop

If you're digging our 3D co-working space in VirBELA Open Campus, just think what you could do with your very own private office in the cloud. This is the perfect solution for working remotely, especially if you have a team. Get all the benefits of working together in a brick and mortar location without the big price tag, credit check, references, lease commitment, and hassle of relocation. Plus, you'll get access to a slew of other amenities in Open Campus, like beautiful "outdoor" spaces, auditoriums, and connections with all of us working in the cloud. Through our partnership with VirBELA, we've secured you a free month to try it out. Just select a private team room and sign up.

Get your FREE month by entering code VGSHKsNR at checkout.

I want my own cool 3D office!

The Jewelry Shop

If you’re sick of stuffing stones in your pockets (and/or bra), check out these bracelets and necklaces. The stones in each piece were selected because of their ability to help you unblock, de-stress, kick the negative, and open up to confidence and success. Angela had these pieces custom designed by Karlande Designs, Ltd. just for you.


I’m ready to stop carrying stones in my pockets (and/or bra)

The Spa Shop

Ready to relieve stress, soothe sore muscles, and feel more relaxed? Check out our Spa Shop. Through our partnership with Dragontree Apothecary, you can invest in self-care, one of the most important factors in creating a successful, balanced business and life.



I need to relax and unwind

The Dreambook Planner Shop

Setting goals, dreaming about the life and business you want to create, understanding why you want to create them, and mapping out your path to get there... you can do all of that in a beautiful, soulful dreambook/planner. This is the same one Angela used to develop TLC.


I want a book to dream and plan in

The Conscious Ink Temporary Tattoo Shop

If you’ve ever explored the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto and seen the impact positive and negative affirmations have on water, you know that affirmations are powerful. Since our bodies are 70 percent water, positive affirmations have the potential to transform us just like they transform those water crystals. Well Conscious Ink has come up with a wonderful product that gives you the ability to cover your body with positive words and images without the pain or permanence of a real life tattoo. Pretty awesome, right?


Cover me in positive Juju!

Living on Purpose: The Key To Change Your Life And Impact Others

The book you need from our very own purpose and confidence coach, Petra Laranjo! It's a popular ‘HOW TO’ resource for personal and business growth and includes the insights of 50 local and global leaders across various sectors.

I Need to Read Petra's Book Like NOW!

A Good Change

Ready for “a good change” in your life? You can bring more calm, more focus, more sleep and better health into your life using plant magic - also known as doTerra Essential Oils. 

Lori Hayes is in your corner, ready to share the super simple steps to having all of that and more! You’ll receive a personalized plan to get you start and then ongoing support. What are you waiting for? 


I’m ready for my personalized plan!







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